Online community and coaching programs for aspiring and established Bodyguards and Security.

Our programs

Bodyguard Course

This online course is for both aspiring and established bodyguards.

Way too many people still seem to mistakenly believe that being a bodyguard involves high-speed driving and carrying (and using) firearms all while walking around in suits wearing earpieces and sunglasses.

In addition to learning various fundamental bodyguard skills, you will learn (in great detail) how to create and write essential documents and reports, such as Advance ReportsRoute PlanningOperational OrdersDaily Operational Orders, and After Action Review.

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Security Membership

This membership program is for both aspiring and established security people.

Many people working in security have a misconception of what security is. Regrettably, most officers have minimum to no training or skill set, since most companies will train an officer for a few days and then send them on their way.

The Security Membership program will make you part of an online community where you are connected to peers, updated content, and active coaching that will enable you to begin or better you as a security person.

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Your success is our mission!

Online Community

We use a private by-invitation-only Facebook group where you can connect with your peers and the coaches. Ask questions, get answers, offer support, and generally benefit from everybody's experience and knowledge.

Live Coaching

We have weekly video conference calls with the group where we present a topic and then we open up for questions. The weekly topic can be based on your emails, a current event or an important change in one or more of our modules.

Active Support

We have a simplified system in place for communication. You can chat with us (when we are online and available), email us and read FAQ using the popup communicator (blue Contact button in the lower right corner).

Updated Content

We are constantly updating the content in both the Bodyguard Course program and in the Security Membership program. Nothing ever goes stale.

Video Modules

With a few exceptions, each of our modules contains a video. You will also have access to a downloadable video transcript.


Each module can potentially have one or more files for you to download. These files are often templates, useful lists or samples that support the module it belongs to.

Kind words from happy members

I can shoot well, I am good at self-defense and I understand the structure of teamwork. What I did not have much experience with was all the necessary documents and reports needed to be a well-rounded bodyguard. The Bodyguard Course made me a professional bodyguard..

John P - Bodyguard

I was promoted to Supervisor. All the sudden I am responsible for a team and all their questions. Lucky for me I was already in the Security Membership program. Their written lessons combined with their responsive coaching brought me up to speed really fast. I especially love the weekly video calls. So much value!

Jane M - Security Supervisor

I don't know where to begin. This membership program is such a great help for me moving forward with my skills. My goal is to become a supervisor and I have the membership coaches by my side every step of the way!.

Peter C - Security Officer